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Summary: It’s the last swimming season for Walker, Nortie, Lion, and Jeff, and their coach is building their self-discipline in a grueling four-hour-a-day test of stamina designed to bring them to the outer edge of their capabilities. As they begin the week, the group realizes that they are going to go through a huge physical and emotional test–both in the water and out. Secrets are revealed, stories are told, and bodies are pushed past their original limits. Stotan Week is  the week in which the four friends must draw upon their new strengths for an endurance they never knew they’d need.

It was the typical Chris Crutcher book. As always, there were a lot of sensitive issues that were dealt with, like racism, death, and typical teenage struggles like trying to get that girl and facing big fears like an abusive parent. After reading so many Crutcher books, this one wasn’t as new and exciting to me. Although the way they handled a certain racist bully by pushing his truck off of a hill into a river was genius. Haha. The one thing I always love about Crutcher’s stories, no matter what, is that even though he hasn’t been a teenager for decades, he can still write as if the events are happening to him right then and there. He just gets it. And that says a lot. It’s nice to know that there are some adults (more than we think) that  actually do get us teenagers. It’s a relief, to be honest. But on another note, the ending was a little bland, and it didn’t feel like it had finality to it, kind of like some of Crutcher’s other novels. Oh well. No writer is perfect. Check this book out if you’re a Crutcher fan or your interested in a book with good life lessons.


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