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I Hate Everything

Summary: It’s easy to hate the obnoxious, or the annoying, or the evil. But it’s a talent to hate everything, really, truly everything. So amateur haters take note and step aside. Time to learn what it really means to be miserable. Matthew DiBenedetti tells readers how he really feels, from hating the little irks that happen now and then (like the water that squirts out of the mustard bottle) to hating the unfortunate realities of today’s world (like that superheroes don’t exist . . . but villains do). With such a variety of musings on irks great and small, valid and not, from cute kitten calendars to Christmas cards with friends’ ugly kids, you’ll find something to laugh at—and someone to loathe with—in I Hate Everything.

I hated this book. Well, not really, but if I said I loved it that would be counter-productive. This book is awesome, and you know it’s awesome the minute you can say, “Hey! I hate that thing too!” It’s so much fun reading what Mathew DiBenedetti hates and finding a similar hatred towards something. I even learned about things I didn’t even think I hated. (“Omg I just realized I hate that too!!”) I also loved that the book had pictures; everyone can appreciate a good picture book. DiBenedetti is the greatest and funniest pessimist ever. I would recommend this book to anyone. But just to warn you: you’ll hate it.


One comment on “I Hate Everything

  1. seanjrankine
    April 15, 2011

    Sounds good!


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