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Biblio Vampiro

Summary: They sleep in coffins. They cast no shadows and show no reflection in mirrors. They drink blood–and as every reader will certainly recognize by now, they are Vampires! Horror movie fans and dedicated lovers of gothic tales will want a copy of this spine-chilling volume. So, do vampires drink  blood? Can they appear in daylight? How do they really feel about garlic? This book will answer all your vampire questions, introduce you to each type of vampire ghoul, tell you the real life stories of vampires, and reveal the truth about the things that go bump in the night. Along with all the important facts you need to know, you’ll also discover how to spot, avoid, and defeat these dangerous blood-sucking fiends! The terror-inducing text is complemented with more than 100 creepy illustrations in full color–though mostly, in appropriately dark and shadowy hues.

This book is SO cool. I mean, it comes as an “official-looking” hard cover book where every page is in vibrant colors and on thick paper. Robert Curran, the author, is one witty guy. This book is filled with humor. My favorite part of this book is the very end; it tells you exactly how to tell if your “friend” is really a predatory vampire. Now, the book itself really isn’t all that much. I think that I finished in maybe an hour, hour and a half. I wish it would have been more, even if  it was a good little read. Oh well, it was a pretty good book and pretty humorous. Pick it up if you want to learn a little about vampires.


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