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Where I’m From

I’m from a mother and a father, us separated at birth.
From two people who love me just as much.
Mother caring for me because I was truly born for her.
Father loving me because I am truly his daughter by birth.

I am from ardor and mirth,
to anguish and desolation.
From “be all you can be,”
to “you’ll never be anything.”
From  “how can you know so much,”
to “you don’t know anything at all.”
And “why are you so harsh,”
to “harden up some; it‘s a cruel world.”

I’m from always getting what I want,
to never genuinely wanting what I have.
From “why won’t he talk to me,”
to “you moron, you let him go.”
From  “I honestly loved him,”
to “maybe I never really did at all.”
And from someone finally liking me for who I actually am.

I’m from “nobody likes me,”
to “why won’t they leave me alone.”
From not wanting everybody to know all sides of my personality,
to not wanting to be so fake, my thoughts hidden, my opinions kept shut.
From “her outfit makes her look fat,”
to “that outfit looks so good on you.”

I’m from being vulnerable and weak,
to not worrying if someone resents me.
From not caring when I’m callous to others,
to crying when someone hurts my feelings.
From making someone cry and then crying with them.
And from laughing when someone makes a joke,
to wanting to be as remarkable as they are.

I’m from Evelyn and Lonnie, John and Matilda, the Loeschs,
the Sneiders, the Oberhoffs, the Kuecks, and the Duesterhoffs.
I’m almost fully German by birth with some
Irish and Native American mixed in there somewhere.

I’m from seeing the past as something I can change if I try,
to seeing the future as endless time, because nothing is ever too late.
And I’m from loving my friends and being grateful I have them,
to praying for a better day and wishing the unseen rain would stop.

This was a project that I did my freshman year. It was decent enough to put on here. Lol.


One comment on “Where I’m From

  1. kerresa
    February 14, 2011

    I remember this. I should go find mine. You did excellent =]


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