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Chinese Handcuffs

Summary: Dillon Hemingway is a brilliant student and Ironman athlete whose older brother, Preston, gets involved with a motorcycle gang, loses his legs in a bike accident, and later commits suicide in full view of his younger brother. Having his mother walked out on his family some years before and feeling like he no longer has anyone, Dillon writes long letters to his dead brother to tell him about Stacy, who was Preston’s girlfriend and the mother of their child but who may secretly love Dillon, and Jennifer, star basketball player, whose father sexually abused her and whose stepfather continues to abuse her. Dillon, to avenge his brother, thinking that the motorcycle gang was the cause of Preston’s downfall, sprinkles his brother’s ashes into the gas tanks of the cyclists who corrupted Preston. Stacy uses the school public address system to announce that the baby her parent’s took in is actually her and Preston’s child. The characters present themselves with wisdom about the evils of society, their parents, their role in life, and love.

This book was… wow. Chris Crutcher, standing ovation. Even though at some moments the book seems like a bit much, it was deep and it was real. I really think Crutcher’s book are easy for the youth of today to relate to and this one took issues such as molestation and suicide to a deeper level. There is also humor, sometimes subtle, such as when Jesus is called “a heroic dude.” Lol. It’s a very good read and it teaches about the psychological problems that can develop due to traumatic experiences like those dealt with in this novel.


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