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Equal Rights for All

I write this today to inform the great people of the country that I have a dream. My dream is not a simple one, nor an easy one. It is a dream that encompasses the entire nation and one day even the whole world. It is a dream that one day sexual equality will reign over the people of every land, every city, and every individual. It is a dream that may take a millennium to come true, but a dream nonetheless.

But there is a certain flaw preventing my dream from taking off. There is an abundance of ignorance concerning equality for the homosexual man and woman. The illusion that homosexuals cannot fall in love, that that right is only reserved for someone of a heterosexual nature, is absurdly false in that every human being desires to feel and be loved. Our children have lost their lives due to excessive bullying in schools that do nothing to educate their students about this harsh ignorance. Our soldiers have
lost their jobs due to the “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy that was established to keep gays out of the military, giving a soldier a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one. Our churches have lost their congregations due to gays being told that they are damned with no chance of ever entering the eternal gates of light. Imagine if you will what strength it must take to endure years of denying who you are and sitting silently through classes, family meals, and church services while the people you love make remarks that brutalize your very being.

But in spite of the ignorance, in spite of the violence, and in spite of the injustice, I have a monumental dream. I have a dream that one day the people I love will not have to leave this beautiful America to get married like criminals escaping from the unjust laws of their country.

I have a dream that one day parents will not have to bear the unbearable pain of losing their children due to ignorant peers that have not yet been taught acceptance of others, putting a sudden end to a beginning life.

And I have a dream that one day we will join hands with our brother and sisters of national equality and sing, “equal rights for all!”


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This entry was posted on October 31, 2010 by in Life.
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