The Starving Bibliophile

Books before food (and any sort of comfortable life).

The Waves

The waves, they crash down onto me.
Their power pushes me back.
I dare them to push harder,
Make something dare to defy me,
Make me feel something.

The waves never seem to press hard enough.
They never manage to take me under.
I just want to feel something.

Poseidon, let me feel your wrath.
Let me feel what your ocean can do.

I wish the waves would take me,
Carry me away in their magnetic pull,
Let the ocean’s seaweed hold me below the surface.

I could stay under all day,
Until I become a part of the sea,
Talking to the pods of manatees.

The strike of the waves hurts me.
But it doesn’t mask what you put me through.
They strike like a whip into my sides,
I realize I can no longer touch the sand.
I give up and let myself sink into the waves…

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This entry was posted on July 11, 2010 by in By Me, Life, Stories.
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