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Running Loose

Summary: Louie Banks starts his senior year with high hopes of having a successful football season, graduating, and getting into college. The year begins well. He is in excellent physical shape due to hard work, and the football team is off to another winning record. A smart, pretty cheerleader decides she likes him, so he has a terrific personal relationship going. But trouble begins when the coach insinuates that the black quarterback Washington, their toughest opponent, should be put “out of the game! Early!” When the deed is actually done by a boy named Boomer, Louie’s ideals of sportsmanship is shattered and Louie is tossed off the football team for taking a stand against the coach, who ordered an illegal hit against an opposing player. Luckily he’s supported by his parents, his best friend Carter, and Becky. Louie can face anything as long as he has her love. Then tragedy strikes. Now everything in life seerns unfair to Louie. People say he’s acting crazy. Trying to let go of his anger, he strives to reach for something new to believe in.

Chris Crutcher, why do you insist on making me cry with your heart-wrenching stories?? Well, even though it made me cry, it was absolutely amazing. It was a rather slow book I’ll admit, but the story in general was good. It actually took me until almost halfway through the book to seriously get into it. I read it in all one sitting though and it was definitely worth it. This is definitely a book about loss and coping with it, along with knowing right from wrong. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that there were too much sport talk that I didn’t understand. But other than that it was absolutely great.


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