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Sizzling Sixteen

Summary: In this tepid Stephanie Plum adventure, a personal case distracts the Trenton, N.J., bondswoman from tracking the usual group of eccentric skips–the kidnapping of her cousin, Vinnie, who’s being held for ransom in the high six figures. As Stephanie, sidekick Lula, and office manager Connie soon realize, Vincent Plum Bail Bonds is seriously in the red due to Vinnie’s gambling. Vinnie’s also gotten caught up with local mobster Bobby Sunflower in a complicated scheme. Even though her sleazy cousin isn’t her favorite person and chasing oddball felons isn’t her ideal career, Stephanie knows family loyalty counts for something, plus she owes him for giving her a job all those years ago. So with Lula and Connie in tow–and romantic interests Morelli and Ranger lurking in the background– Stephanie must save the day once again.

I am in love with literally anything Janet Evanovich writes and this book is no exception. Stephanie Plum is at her best once again in this book. It was funny, enthusiastic, and out right insane. I mean, what’s funnier than a swarm of Hobbits attacking people? This book has everything. I was a little disappointed though that there wasn’t as much funny sexual tension as most of Evanovich’s books have. Also, I don’t think there was as much peril in the end when you think everything is over; the problem just resolved itself too easily. Overall though, this is a laugh out loud book that everyone should read. Go Mooner! :]


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