The Starving Bibliophile

Books before food (and any sort of comfortable life).


Summary: Burdened with the pressure of believing she is responsible for her brother’s illness, 15-year-old Callie begins a course of self-destruction that leads to her being admitted to Sea Pines, a psychiatric hospital the “guests” refer to as Sick Minds. Although initially she refuses to speak, her individual and group therapy sessions trigger memories and insights. Slowly, she begins emerging from her miserable silence, ultimately understanding the role her dysfunctional family played in her brother’s health crisis.

If any of you have read Speak, then you’ll absolutely love this book. It’s extremely insightful and moving and such an easy read. Patricia McCormick has made an honorable first book that will be enjoyed  by readers for many years; anyone who participates in self-mutilation will read this and realize that they’re not alone. Callie, the protagonist, gives us a glimpse into the brain of cutter and lets us pull at her thoughts to generate a basic understanding towards her addiction. The book doesn’t take very long to read so I recommend that everyone give it a shot.


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