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My Redneck Family

This weekend I visited my sister in Groveton, three hours away. My sister is the greatest, and so is her husband, Danny, and two sons, JR and Kevin [they’re in their 20’s]. But it’s so funny how redneck they are; it makes me laugh. I remember a while ago the pipe broke on their washing machine that has the water and instead of fixing it, they put it on the back porch and made it face outwards so the yard could get watered while they were doing the laundry. Lol what epic multitasking. And then their neighbor came over and saw it and he said, “you redneck assholes”. Lawls. They got it fixed after that. But they’re always doing crazy redneck stuff like that and even though i can’t stand most country people, I love them. I also saw my other nephew, Justin [18], and my niece, Jesse [21], who are also pretty awesome. At about 12 o’clock when we were over there, we started wondering where Jesse was since she was supposed to be there at ten or so. She finally showed up about one and when we were like “where have you been???”, this is what she said:

“I’ve been locked in the bathroom for the past 5 hours.”

Here are the five funny things about that story:

1. The door opens inward.
2. It locks on the inside. [What bathroom doesn’t?]
3. She’s a brunette.
4. No one knew she was in there.
5. Even after her Dad found her and they managed to get the whole doorknob off, the door still wouldn’t open.

Rotflmfao. xD That was my favorite part of the day. That, and coming home smelling like horse, dog, beer, and cigarettes.


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This entry was posted on January 17, 2010 by in Family.
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